Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Until two months ago business hadn’t been as ideal as I wanted it to be. Therefore we sat down with my marketing department to come up with very much practical marketing strategy. Ideally what we intended to create was something that would sell. Without any proper sales we were quite aware that it was only a matter of time before we threw in the towel and bowed out of the game to the benefit of our competitors. Well in every way our competitors would love that because our customers may have to shift loyalty to them. Their carpet sales will boom and they might even take time to consider an expansion of business. 

Yet that is not how the mind of ideal businessman works, usually in business you must find the right ways to maneuver through any imminent challenges and if possible come out stronger and shrewder.  And that is what we intended to do in order to revive our carpet business. So when we sat down in the meeting we decided on specific marketing strategies such as print and electronic media advertising, we also considered ideal sales bonanzas, in place was a planned up two road shows, and a complete corporate social responsibility practices. 

However it was the creation of an ideal company and business website that stole my heart. Being that this would reach more people in the most realistic time, I felt that grabbing such opportunity would be quite ideal. It was timely, accurate, and all inclusive for our targeted clients to digest. Better still it provided an ideal platform in which all our selling points would be ideally articulated. Also it will be the most trustable first hand information, say directly from the horse’s mouth. However to ensure that it served us right, we still required an ideal responsive landing page design that would ensure that once we have website visitors they would be led through and convinced to buy our products. 

To achieve this we were going to have to watch a great heading for our landing page, also we were going to keep in mind the proof of action that our products have done to other customers, apart from having a direct call for action to spice up our responsive web design. In all having available offers placed in there would also be an ideal selling point for our clients.          

When we had finally put all these in place it took us close to a month to realize any tangible form of sales. But by the second month, we have been on a rock and roll.         
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