Tuesday, March 21, 2017

No one loves to be in debt. In fact no one loves to borrow. But even when you borrow, it doesn’t mean you don’t have. Sometimes our needs may surpass our income at the moment. In such a case we may be forced to borrow. But this is bad borrowing. So how can we achieve good borrowing? Here are the top principles of good borrowing that we must keep I mind always.

Borrow against your income only.  This is the basic principle of good borrowing. Borrowing against your income means your expectations are viable and that you can pay up your loan by your income alone. Your income can include your salary, profits from business, and inheritance. Just make sure your loan doesn’t exceed your income.

Borrow what you can pay comfortably. What you can pay comfortable means you don’t have to change your lifestyle to settle your loan. It means that while your expenditure remains the same, the extra amount can easily settle your impending loan. In short you should pay your loan with the money that remains after you have catered for your expenses.

Spend less, borrow less, and save more. Another good loaning trick is to trim your expenditure to the most vital needs. Then you can save more. More savings will mean you don’t have to borrow much to settle your needs. In fact you may end up borrowing very limited amounts of money. This is one trick that has worked for me over and over again. 

Have one loan at a time don’t have many. When applying for CU Loans you will be asked if you have any other impending loans. The reason for this is to make sure that you only have manageable numbers of loans at a time. One loan at a time saves you from being overwhelmed by your loans. It also makes your work easy as you can structure how to pay up easily. 

Watch out for the interest rates they are the killers. The final trick is to keep an eye on interest rates. Many people who fall prey to defaulting often ignore this tip. High interest rates can easily turn into bad loans. You must therefore ensure that your interest rates are manageable. 

If you want to enjoy a great loaning experience, have a payment plan that works or strive to pay your loan – it is that simple. Without this urge you may as well miss out on the best loans that would have changed your life.


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