Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Setting out to cultivate medicinal marijuana was something that I had never set my mind in doing when I graduated with my degree from the university. As a graduate I had planned to have a job, settle down, and look after my family. But then when my mom fell sick and almost got a stroke, something in me changed and I embarked on a quest of how to grow marijuana. From the time my mom walked out of that hospital bed with the doctor’s marijuana prescription, I knew that I had to find out more on how ideal medicinal cannabis would be in saving our world. 

Well I first of all took the advantage of my mom’s marijuana prescription to find an ideal cannabis seedling and start with as my ideal pilot plan in going this road. However this was not to be the case as I found the market had developed far reaching cannabis strain for medicinal use. In fact I found at least more than five ideal strains for my mom’s use. I remember the bubble gum standing out so well among the rest with its bubble gum scent.  The silver haze proved to be an ideal strain for my mom’s use too, and so did Holland hope. 

Yet in addition to that I still found out very many ideal types of marijuana strains that I could grab. Something like the kush was not a bad choice for me, the white widow was quite ideal, and the big bud was a strain that I felt could twist the whole market by just one tap. 

From my short trip I found out that ideally how to grow marijuana can sometimes be quite challenging as you would have a lot of strains to choose from. I also learned that when n intending to cultivate marijuana for medicinal purposes there was more it than just the type of strain. Depending on where you intend to plant your medicinal cannabis you will need to identify a strain that would be quite ideal for the location. For instance if the space is limited then probably you will require a plan that doesn’t need quite a space for its leaves, so you will choose a smaller plant indeed. 

However the reason for planting was also something that grabbed my attention on how it affected the choice of cannabis strain that one would plant. Your reason of planting for instance will determine if you need a larger plant or not, this is so because if you are planting for business then you will need a larger and more efficient production cannabis plant. 

How to grow marijuana also taught me to be careful on the maturity time of any cannabis plant that I may go for. Ideally if it was for quick use on suppressing a given type of disease say cancer then probably going for a quick maturing strain would be something quite ideal for consideration.             

So while the person who ideally wanted to use the medicinal cannabis was my mom, it gave me a new life and hope in a career that I never dreamed of.            


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