Saturday, December 6, 2014

Regardless of the caregivers training, background or employer, there are certain traits that a good caregiver must possess. Most caregivers are not allowed to administer injections unless they are RNs or LPNs, which is normally considered nursing care rather than care giving. 

Here are some of the roles of caregivers in homecare services:

A caregiver should be aware of and learn how to deal with stress

Many elderly persons are affected by stress and understanding how to recognize and deal with stressed elderly persons is a plus for any caregiver. In many cases, elderly abuse occurs because of the caregiver`s stress. As a caregiver, you should be able to handle stressed elderly persons.

A good caregiver should also be able to remind family members in case they neglect to call or visit

Many times, family members forget or neglect elderly persons in home cares. The feeling that you have family members caring about you is absolutely incredible. As a caregiver, you need to ensure that the family members stay in touch with the elderly at the home care. This is very important for the well being of the care receiver. It motivates and keeps them going, giving you an easier task of taking care of them.

Caregivers should also ask for help when necessary

Elderly home care service providers like Senior Home Care Ottawa have many caregivers with different backgrounds. To ensure that you provide the elderly with the best services, you need to work as a team, and that means that you need to seek help from others when necessary. Many homecare service providers have a care plan. This way, essential information that will assist everyone in the care team is recorded, allowing another care giver to take your place easily.

They should express concern

Many elderly persons have a poor self image, maybe because they are sickly. Caregivers at Senior Home Care Ottaw ensure that the care receiver feels good while ignoring all the things that will make him/her feel bad. That means that you must be patient, especially if the care receiver has mood swings, which is anyway normal with elderly persons. 

Keep logs of activities of the care receiver

To have a good picture of the health condition of the elderly persons, Ottawa Home Care ensures that it keeps a log of the daily activities of its caregivers. This includes food intake, sleep habits, temperament, medicine intake etc. This information will also help the doctor to get a complete picture of how the patient is progressing.

As a caregiver, you should smile a lot. Be positive about everything and try as much as possible to be a companion and a good friend to the elderly under your care. You should also avoid stress. The fact that you are trained caregiver, the job should be fan and that means that you should always do your best to ensure that your patients are comfortable.



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