Monday, April 6, 2015

There is no doubt that email marketing is a very important tool when it comes to online shops. Therefore you need to accustom yourself with some of the basics of email marketing as discussed in our previous post. 

In this post however we’ll be looking at a few tips on ecommerce email marketing specifically for you as an online shop owner. And also how you can leverage email marketing into your business and in turn gain ideal client traffic, restore lost connections, and maintain recurring conversions. 

Every Subscriber Counts 

Usually for starters, it is important to understand that each subscriber is ideally very important to your business. 

For instance if you are using the best marketing newsletter you will realize that it’s always easier for clients to subscribe than to spend money and purchase your goods. 

Meaning that you’re likely to get more subscribers than sales – but that’s something that you probably already know! 

The important thing here is to try and convert those subscribers into sales. So how best can you do that? 


Take Every Subscriber Seriously 

This is the most important rule of ecommerce conversions. Ideally you will have three main types of subscribers, dormant, semi-active and active subscribers. 

Learn to take each subscriber seriously. Remember that every subscriber plays a great role in leading client traffic to you. 

So never write off some of them simply because they’ve never gone ahead to make any purchase from you. 

Give Your Subscribers a Little Edge

Remember that breathing space for a fun filled shopping spree? Well you can do this by offering discounts for every new subscriber, giving shopping bonanzas, offering freebies, and keeping to your word. It is such perks that may further attract potential customers. 

Send Recovery Emails 

This simply means that you’ll be sending emails to subscribers who have abandoned their cart, without completing their transactions. 

Here, you can email such forgetful customers, reminding them that they’ve something in their cart, and that they are welcomed to complete their transaction. 

You can as well offer discounts in this kind of situation, just to prompt the subscribers to actually complete the transaction. 

Within the recovery email, you can as well remind the subscribers about the time limit in order to create urgency and prompt purchase.  

Additional Functionalities  

Again other than such reminders and time limit, the recovery email may also include an additional functionality about your website. 

Think of Creative Design Solutions for your website or ideal recovery emails and make it as a suggestion. The suggested functionality should be helpful, both to the customer and to you as the marketer. 

For instance you can pop up a suggestion to the subscriber about saving the item - in case the customer isn’t capable of making an immediate purchase - and putting it on his or her wish list. 

Including such additional functionalities within your recovery email is less intrusive and more appealing to your clients and in turn will provide you with ideal conversions as the marketer.  


Well we have seen that in ecommerce emails is the best option in increasing your online shop client traffic. And there is no doubt about that! 

But what about retaining the customers? Well the secret to retaining your customers is to send them regular emails as this retains your brand in your clients’ memory. 

Just remember to come up with emails that are enticing, engaging and very interesting or else you might just hit a snug! So use the most Creative Design and produce an email that’s simple but quite enticing.


Then we have cross-selling where you get to send emails to your subscribed customers with suggestions of related goods that a customer had earlier purchased. 

Say if John had purchased three sweaters, you can suggest a shirt or a pair of pants. Just something that compliments what had previously been bought. Watch out for the design, price, and material of sweaters if you have to suggest the same item. 

Cross-selling of items has been proved to increase your sales by a rate of 20 percent. So remain aggressive with your selling and remember to place the suggested items somewhere at the top of the email, rather at the very end, where the customer easily spots them.   

Reward Loyal Customers

In another post, you can easily create loyal customers with their own segment or category and indeed reward them separately. 

This helps create a further commitment into your online store as this kind of gratitude you offer your customers will most likely receive nice revenue boost from the same customers.

Final Comment 

With the above post, what’s your email marketing like? Are you doing a great job with your ecommerce email marketing? Or did the post wake you up? Feel free to leave a comment.  

E-marketing is always very vital for both small-scale to large-scale businesses. Ideally it works well with online shops as it promotes acute client traffic for your business. So go e-marketing today and save your business.


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