Saturday, March 28, 2015

When California opened up its door to ideal marijuana business I was there. Without much ado I chose to grab the business opportunity that had availed itself and that is how I made my mark in the marijuana business.

Today the business opportunity is still available for anyone who intends to capitalize in this thriving business sector. With an ideal business plan, enough capital, and a great location our marijuana business will definitely flourish.
However when putting up your initial marijuana business plan, remember to include the following factors in the plan. 

Location: This will be the main place that you will choose to erect your medical marijuana dispensary on. In many occasions you will need a place that is safe, far from juvenile interactions, schools, playing grounds, and anti marijuana campaigners. 

Capital: Again you will need to include your initial proposed capital. You will include how you intend to raise the capital be it loans, contributions, or sale of bonds. Again you will need your prospects on the initial profit and loss accounts, and how to repay the borrowed capital.

Employees: Apart from these first two you will also need to decide on the people you are going to work with. Find the skilled and semi skilled employees that your business needs. They will include doctors, mixologists, deliver guys, all of which must appear on your business plan. 

Legal Requirements: In many states marijuana trade is still considered illegal by most federal laws. Take your time to highlight every legal requirement that your state has in place for marijuana business, so that when your business is up you will be safe from federal harassments. 

Risks: Your medical marijuana business plan will also need to highlight the number of risks that you might face and in turn provide amicable solutions. The risks might include theft, lack of insurance, solicitors in form of fake patients, and also federal harassments. 

Working Plan: This will include the management pattern of your business. It will have the ideal channel to be followed by the patients until they are treated, and lastly it will also observe the type of business to be run, whether sole proprietorship or partnership. 

In a great marijuana business setup an ideal plan must always come into play. For every decision that you make, you will have to use this plan to draw more insight, therefore always take your time to work with a plan.



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