Saturday, June 18, 2016

The surrounding community where your business thrives is the greatest source of security that your business will ever enjoy. It is also your best source of market and possibly the one place that you anticipate to satisfy its needs. Because of this giving back to your community should be among your priorities. Here are some of the most ideal ways to thank your community for that smooth relationship. 

You can promote local businesses. Buy local whenever you can. Set up a side bar on your website to link up some of the favorite local companies. Just ensure that you are cross networking with companies that don’t compete with you but that have similar market. This will give you a win-win platform. 

You can participate in food drives. If there are local food drives in your community (programs that encourage employees to bring non-perishable foods that can be donated) you should get involved and contribute. It requires little ties and can be quite fulfilling. Food banks are there to help in case of disasters or calamities.

You can also sponsor and event. Anti animal cruelty sensitization can be one event that earns you a great winning margin. You can also sponsor a few athletes that will wear your jerseys in marathons or other events. You can also support your employees that are participating. It is coold and great for exposure, try it out today! 

You can sponsor youth projects. Chances are you have many youths yearning for different sports competitions. They could be looking at armature wrestling competitions, local youth soccer, or many other types of youth sports. Helping them to raise the capital that they need will help you to get an ideal publicity in return. 

You can organize competitions. Creating holiday contests with your employees and also other favorite local businesses for the benefit of the community can be awesome. The best way to do it is to stage these competitions and donate the winnings to charity. I have used it before and I know it’s one of the most profit oriented.

I have worked with various companies that perfected the art of corporate social responsibility and trust me the fruits we extremely vivid. Today I work with a household name and they still do the same. In fact our CEO Tulga Demir of Demir Energy LLC. supports clean and renewable energy and advocates against animal cruelty.


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