Tuesday, February 9, 2016

You might be asking yourself, why email marketing when social media is the new kid on the bloc? Well you are right, email marketing isn’t really as sexy as social media but fortunately it is the only option that can guarantee a return on your investments and here are the reasons why.  


Many people say that the social media platform is a great engagement tool. But come to think of it which option really bears fruit? While social media adds up for a great public engagement tool, email has a more professional one on one intimacy with higher prospects like Alan Refaeli, the CEO of Digital Bulldogs. Meaning email could be a more engaging tool that the social media.


Email also has a set of solid ROI measuring metrics that have been used for years. They include complaints, unsubscribers, growth, click rate, open rates, and dormancy among other things. On the other hand social media don’t really get a standard metric for the same – albeit in my own opinion. In this case email marketing still wraps it all up and single formula find success. 


In terms of how long an email will last is typically to the discretion of the recipient. However as revealed by wiselytics.com social media including tweeter and facebook archive most of their feeds in less than 3 hours. Meaning that, the chances of missing on your target message with social media is overly high. In fact the same research showed that with tweeter it’s only 50 mins. 


It is estimated that over 3.2 billion people use email accounts today. 95% of these emails are said to belong to the consumers. And 91% of these consumers are said to check their accounts at least once per day. In short emails target specific consumers and penetrate directly into their accounts. It free of competition and will be received on time. 


Finally email has a great integration with social media platform J and this is a fantastic union that has given many business owners great mileage. This potential connection has enhanced the flexibility of email marketing to give the best returns to their clients. In fact within the next few years emails could be used as a great support for generating social media efficiency.

In conclusion therefore we would all agree that email marketing is a much better result oriented way that directly affects your base line and actually grows your business.


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