Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thinking of starting your own massage therapy spa or business? If you are, here are the top 10 tips you’d be glad to know about. 

Be Qualified

Massage therapy requires one to be fully qualified before you can set out to create your own spa, or even think of going around advertising your business. The right certifications will include the following, Certificate IV in Massage, Diploma in Remedial Massage, and other ideal massage courses from recognized institutions. 

Get Associated

Apart from that you will need to get aligned with a recognized massage association. This you can do if you meet their bar of merit or certain set qualifications. The good thing in getting allied or becoming a member with such organizations is that it gives you credibility and wins trust from your clients all over – check us out on pregnancy massage perth to get more details on this. 

Register A Name

You are getting in business and a business must be duly registered according to the set standards, it should have a great name that will sell it out to the potential clients, and reflect the service you will be offering. Be careful with names but find a catchy and memorable name. When registering it, remember to apply with a couple of names in case the other is taken or dropped. 

Find Health Funds

Many clients love to claim their massage therapy through their health funds. Meaning that, with cash on hand services you risk missing out on many potential business opportunities. So tap into every opportunity that you can, including applying for health fund provider number. This will be more convenient for your clients and will be a great opportunity to make a kill. 

Market And Market

In business no one will know you exist unless you tell them so, no one will know what you do if you don’t inform them about it, and no client will walk through your doors unless you tell them how your services can satisfy their needs and why they are the best compared to your competitor. The answer to all these is to market, market, and market! 

Track Your Business

Don’t be excited about making profits, satisfying your clients, and expanding real quickly unless you are sure to be on the right track. What this means is that you must track the marketing ideas that you invest in and see if they are bearing any fruits, you should find out which services aren’t being used much and either write them off or improve on them – know where you are going to! 

Get A Space

Our pregnancy massage perth is located in one of the most strategic places. The space has a great parking space, is easy to find, is in a serene and quite environment, and above all very affordable to our capacity. Trust me an ideal space is vital for any massage parlor to thrive and I can’t stress it anymore than this.

When this is done, take time to furnish your massage clinic with massage tables, ointments, and other office accessories. 


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