Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My business has been looking for new ways to capture potential clients for close to two years now and while various sources have advised me to use different methods, I have been virtually very cautious on what ideally to go with. 

And I am glad I did exactly that. This is because had I not done so one thing would have been certain. I would have been down the drainage alongside many other failed business enterprises around the world.

So what actually has these two years of caution taught me in capturing potential clients when it comes down to doing business?

Old Is Not Gold

Remember those days when we were told to stick to the billboards, find the magazines and the newspapers, get a radio, or find a TV to advertise our business?

Well those days are gone because today there is a new kid in the block when it comes to capturing potential clients. The kid is quite affordable, simple to navigate and will never strain your business coffers. 

I am talking internet marketing. Today technology has enabled me to convert more visits into sales without having to strain my wallet.

Simple Is The In Thing

In addition to the new ideal forms of marketing, you never want to be caught pants down with long lines trying to sell your products to potential clients.
Expert research has it that the maximum time that any potential buyer will always take on your adverts in nothing more than five seconds and big posters concurs.

Meaning that whichever means you choose to advertise your products, it will be very important to tailor you message in such a way that within these five seconds your potential client would have received it. 

My advice to you is to stick to the objectives, and what makes your products exceptionally unique from the rest. 

Never Forget Posters

And finally if there is the greatest lesson that I ever walked away with, it was this, never brush off posters. 

You know those simple graphic designs that you always display around to market your business? Well that stuff rocks! It might surprise you but believe me it was only after I started using Poster Prints that my sales picked. 

I later on came to learn that the reason why these posters left me with such an ideal result was the following, they are usually quite attractive, very affordable, expressive to the customers, and easy to carry along for future reference. 

So at the end of the day getting your potential clients to your door requires more than just the money that you can roll. It needs strategy, knowledge, a vessel and how best to execute them.


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