Thursday, June 18, 2015

Anyone who has worked with any ideal event production company understands that the perfect event production usually revolves around the following types of events. 

·        Press and media events.
·         Product launches.
·         Experiential campaigns.
·         Private events and personal soirees
·         Promotional stunts
·         Guerilla marketing
·         Fashion shows

All these events are usually unique in their settings and even the event production services that they might require. 

Yet today I will only dwell on one of them, guerilla marketing campaigns. And what am’ I going to talk about?

Well I will tell you the top tips on how to launch a successful guerilla marketing campaign for your products or services. 

The very first one is usually to develop a clear and precise picture of your targeted clients. Find out what they like, how they’d like to interact with your product and services, and above all understand their needs in order to come up with the best creative ways to solve them. 

Again you will need to understand the solid components of your business. This will include your company’s strengths, uniqueness, and how ideally it gains the competitive edge. Then take time to ponder your strongest offers, and create new ideas that creatively show your market essence. 

Also maintain an all inclusive perception. Usually, thinking big and small at the same time. So from simple twitter handle to the perfect artistic creation keep your options open to finding the style of campaign that fits your budget and exceptionally reaches out to your clients.   

And that never wraps it up. You will also need to brand your campaign carefully. This will prevent you from recycling any form of outdated campaign ideas that have been over used. It will also allow you to come up with a funny or compelling tag line that reads and smells easy. 

But like any other ideal event or marketing campaign, you will need to identify and determine the resources that you will need to pull it off. This is where MarkBirnbaum a leading event producer in New York City advices you to get an expert to assist you in working the budget. 

He states that with an expert by your side, getting other logistic concerns such as an ideal location to host your campaign and the best options to spread the word will be easier.

Yet in overall your guerilla marketing campaign should remain true to its greatest objective – building a relationship with your clients, so that they only think of your brand first whenever the niche crops up.


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