Sunday, August 31, 2014

The success of business more often hinges on the marketing strategies and tactics employed by the business owner. In the same way, the success of a coffee shop business, at the onset, often hinges on the marketing strategies and tactics of the owner of the coffee shop. If you are someone who is just about to open a startup coffee shop business, you need to figure out the best marketing strategies and tactics which will eventually lead to a successful café business. Cafés have come and gone and one factor which definitely leads to an early demise of some coffee shops, aside from lack of good customer service, is the lack of holistic marketing strategies and tactics.

The Ideal Custom-takeout Paper Coffee Cups

In most business planning sessions of would-be coffee shops makers, there is always the usual discussion on what kind of cups to use for the distribution of coffee: “Should we use paper coffee cups or mugs?” is the common question asked if you are privy to these sessions. The trend among coffee shops is to go for that which is convenient, cost-effective, and hygienic. So most coffee shop owners go for the ideal custom-takeout paper coffee cups. Now, how do you go about ordering these custom-takeout coffee cups? Here are the simple procedures:

First, as a coffee shop owner, you need to create a unique and easily identifiable logo that can readily represent you coffee shop business. Then, you should submit this logo in a layered format, or PSD or PDF format. In turn, the manufacturer of the custom-takeout coffee cups would create a good electronic proof for your immediate approval. When you approved the electronic proof, they then would ask you to make a 50% deposit before they begin the production of the coffee cups. The lead time for paper coffee cups would be around 10 to 12 weeks. Lastly, you can submit your payment right before the delivery of the finished custom-takeout coffee cups.

Advantages of Custom-takeout Coffee Cups

The obvious advantages of custom-takeout coffee cups have always been discussed and it would be good to mention them in passing in this article. 

First, these custom-takeout cups are easy to carry around and convenient to use in a coffee shop. Second, they are nice to look at, with the logo imprinted on it, giving you a clean and neat way of handling coffee in your shop. Likewise, they are very hygienic to use and can prevent the unnecessary transfer of communicable disease which sometimes happens with the use of reusable mugs and cups. Moreover, the cups can become instant mobile billboards in the hands of your mobile customers when they take those cups out of your coffee shop. Lastly, the used coffee cups are easily disposed of. Likewise, these cups are environmental friendly, considering the fact that most of them are biodegradable and recyclable. 

The advantages of using these custom-takeout disposable coffee cups are plenty as compared to their disadvantages. Thus, these custom-takeout paper cups are indeed more convenient to use and more advantageous to the success and flourishing of your coffee shop business. 


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