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If you want to feature your favorite plants, then hanging baskets can be one of the best methods. You can easily decorate your garden or even your home with the well selected hanging baskets. This type of baskets is extremely suitable for indoor as well as for outdoor decoration. There are several factors that you have to consider before you choose a hanging basket for your home decoration!

Ways to Choose Hanging Baskets

A number of different baskets are available in the market. You just have to consider the one that will go with your home decor. You also have to select the theme that will go great with your plants as well as with your garden. You will get different types of size as well as shape. You have to select the size and shapes that will suit you best according to the type of your plant that you are planning to planting. You have to consider the future growth of your plants. Some baskets will influence the growth of your plant and it will hold your plant no matter what is the size of your plant. Some baskets may fail to carry your plants perfectly. As you know much better about your plants, so you have to choose the baskets considering the following things:

Design of the hanging basket

Do not forget about the color scheme, before you choose the hanging baskets. First determine where you want to hang your basket and how much light it is. You should also take into consideration about the sun; is it full shade, partly sun or full sun. All plants do not grow well in baskets. So check in your local nursery before choosing the plant you like.
Choose harmonious colors in order to suit your space and keep in mind that you are creating a three dimensional view. Consider about the fragrance. Scented plants add a delicate perfume in your area.
Plants need to be planted much closer together in a basket. Include a variety of colors, textures and shape. Spill over plants need to be planted at the edges and bushy plants at the back or center of a basket.

Choosing an appropriate basket for your plants

Wire or wicker baskets should be planted up and they will give you a wonderful effect. You can choose big containers that suit the style best and matches your home well. Baskets need to be deep and wide, and curved on the bottom side. The larger basket you choose, the longer it takes to dry out and the less you will have to give water to it. A basket with 35cm diameter is the best considerable size for normal use. Wire baskets are generally open sided and is needed to be lined with moss to remain moisture.

Choosing appropriate basket liner

The tips to choose a wonderful hanging basket largely depends upon choosing the basket liner. Sphagnum moss liner is superb as it helps to retain the moisture of soil within the basket for so long. You just have to soak the sphagnum to moisten the basket and then apply as a layer of 2 cm thickness over each sides of the basket. It will keep your basket moist throughout the whole summer. You do not have to worry if clumps of moss fall out in time you water it as this normally happens for the first few days.

Choosing special potting mix for soil in the basket

Hanging basket normally dries out very quickly as the baskets are exposed for all the time under the sun and wind. So you have to use special potting mix for artificial hanging baskets that helps to keep the basket moist. The special potting mix contains water crystals and fertilizer in it. In the heat of the summer, you normally would need to water your baskets twice a day, but using water crystals soak up water and then gradually release it in the soil when it dries out. This means plants can go two or three days without water if required.

Special caring for your basket

Care about the sun as well as shade before you choose hanging basket. The basket should be flexible enough to ensure the plants proper sunlight and shade.
Water the plants with an interval of two days with a long handled wand and drench the basket. Make sure that you soak the sides of the basket also.
Pinch off the fading or dead flowers regularly in order to make room for the new and fresh flowers.
If possible, hang up the baskets from a hook which can be rotated every two weeks.


Above ways will help you a lot to choose the best hanging basket to support your plants. You can try different color themes that will go with the theme of your home decor. You can also try bold statement. It is also possible to try the floral arrangements.


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