Monday, July 1, 2013

Making calls can at times be costly, especially if you regularly make calls to other countries. The good news is that there are many companies who give out free prepaid calling cards in their promotions. Many phone companies and calling card providers will occasionally give out free samples to promote their services. There are also marketing firms which will provide you with free calling cards in exchange for your contact information which they will use to market their clients’ products and services. To take advantage of these free offerings, you can use one of the following ways:

Phone Service Provider

Your phone service provider should be your first place to ask because it will not have to include any change in service providers. Simply call their customer care lines and ask if they have any on-going offers for free calling cards. You can also ask to be notified whenever there are any new offers. Remember to ask the circumstances under which a client can receive free calling cards.

Phone Card Websites

There are many phone card companies that regularly offer free phone cards. They will usually require you to sign up to their site. This may require you to submit your contact details and permissions allowing them to share your details with their advertising partners. Most firms will also ask you to fill out a survey.

Company Promotions

Most calling card providers and phone companies run promotions to attract new customers, reward existing customers, and enhance customer loyalty. These promotions often involve the giving away of free prepaid calling cards. The promotions may also require you to give some feedback about calling card services.

Free Trials

Many new calling card companies offer free trials to attract new customers and to test their services. Existing companies also regularly come up with new services and call plans and will offer free trials to encourage new customers to sign up or existing customers to switch from their current plan to the new plan.

Free Minutes

Many calling card companies will reward their customers with free minutes of talk time on a regular basis. Check your phone card provider’s website for any on-going offers or campaigns. Pay keen attention to adverts from your service provider as they may have important announcements. If your phone card provider has a mailing list, join it for regular updates, newsletters, and other information. Some card companies will offer bonus minutes for recharges above a certain amount. This may make your calls cheaper in the long run rather than recharging your card in small amounts at a time.

Military DSN

To motivate troops, some companies use the military DSN phone switch network to provide communication services between soldiers and their friends and families back home. These companies will often offer free PINs online to encourage international calls to various military outposts.


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